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Congratulations on your decision to take your Healy Journey to the next level. Enjoy the power and convenience of having your own Online Resource Centre and Marketing Platform to share the wonderful world of Healy with family, friends, associates, anyone and everyone. Just provide your particulars in the form below and we will get your website built and personalised for you.

Important: Your Website Build and Configuration is free of charge. The ongoing maintenance, security and updates will be billed to you at $121.00 per month inc. GST. This also includes provisioning of 1 x Email Account and Website/Email Hosting. 

Where do I find my Healy World Shop and New Member Links?

When you go to your Healy World Account online, you will see the “My Tools” with “My Links” in the drop-down menu. Click on this as shown (below left) and then click on the ‘Copy Link’ (below right) – one link at a time and paste it into the relevant form field below:

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my Healy Links2

My Resonance Healy Member Website Order Form

Do you want a myresonance email address?

About Us Page - Your Website comes standard with the 'About My Resonance' page. If you wish to replace it with your own 'About Us' blurb or Video with transcription, simply select "Yes Please" here and we will email you further instructions.

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