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Step 1: Introduce Someone To Healy

There are a few ways you can introduce someone to Healy, for example, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, SMS or even face to face!

To help you get started, we have some examples of messages you could send. Remember, these are purely examples as you are unique and communicate in different ways to different people. You will also speak differently when you are speaking face to face with a friend, so use these as a guide – make it authentic to you!

An example of a Short, Quick Message via Social Media or Messenger: 

Hey Jane,

I want to share a mind-blowing healing technology with you called Healy, a German-made Quantum Healing device that is taking the world by storm. I know you would love it as you are always looking for something that can improve your life. I can’t wait to tell you about it. More than 80,000 doctors, healers, and bio-hackers are using this device with phenomenal results.

I would love to send you a short video. Should I email it, or send it through messenger?

An example of a Longer, In-depth Message via Email:

Hi Jane,

I want to share a mind-blowing healing technology with you called Healy, a German-made Quantum Healing device that is taking the world by storm. I know you would love it as you are always looking for something that can improve your life. More than 80,000 doctors, healers, and bio-hackers are using this device with phenomenal results.

I just received  mine and I can’t wait to share Healy with you.

So what is Healy?

Healy is a holistic wearable microcurrent/bioresonance device that offers over 144,000 healing frequency therapies across 120 programs in supporting your health, vitality, and well-being. It is medically proven to help with anxiety, depression, migraines, fibromyalgia, insomnia, chronic pain, balance emotions and hormones, stress, allergies, skin, meridians, chakras, and much more.

24/7 healing at home with Healy

The beautiful thing about Healy is that it is designed to support your personal healing journey 24/7. It has a quantum sensor that connects you to a medical cloud and it can diagnose and download treatment frequencies to you in real-time. It is like having a personal healer with you anytime, anywhere.

There is no device like it in the world. This is the most advanced Quantum Healing technology in the world today.

Here are some facts:

  • 96% effectiveness rate
  • 94% recommendation rate
  • FDA cleared
  • First-ever European Class 2A medical device in social sharing industry
  • TGA registered
  • Category creator, no competition,
  • Proven science
  • Thousands of mind-blowing testimonials
  • Works on all dimensions of your health
  • Physical, fitness, hormone, immune, aging, beauty
  • Mental, purify toxic thoughts, enhance positive mindset
  • Emotional, eliminate negative emotions, cultivate joy
  • Spiritual, enhance awareness and awakening
  • Psyche, Planetary and electromagnetic smoke Protection
  • Chakra and aura balancing
  • Acupuncture meridians and Bio-energetic field

I would love to show it to you so you can experience the magic of Healy.


woman talking together about Healy
woman on smart phone talking about Healy

Step 2: Send Information

When they  come back to you agreeing for you to send them the video, or that they would like further information, follow these steps:

a. Reply message (customise to suit):

Great! Here’s a short 6 minute video which
provides a great overview on the company
and technology.

Healy – Frequencies For Your Life

This 2 minute video provides a great
overview of the product and different
frequency application:

Healy Wearable – Frequencies For Life

I’ll also add you to the private Facebook
page where you can find out more. Look
forward to chatting with you soon!

b. Add them to the private Facebook group

Quantum Evolution – A New Way of Being.

Recommend tagging them on the below
webinar as a great place to start. 

Quantum Evolution A new way of being facebook zoom video snapshot talk about Healy

Add them to the Facebook page:

Healy – The Frequency of Life.

Encourage them to read through units 1-7. Tag them
on Unit 1 so they know where to start.

Step 3: Invite

Invite your friend to experience Healy
in one or all of the following ways:

  • A personal scan and/or frequency
    treatment so they can feel the Healy
    experience for themselves
  • Organise a 3-way call or Zoom
    session with your sponsor
  • Invite them to an in-person or online
    event/presentation if there is one
man and woman with Healy around his neck

Step 4: Register Your New Healy Member

Joining Healy as a member is simple
and free. For your new member to take
advantage of the 30 day Fast Start, they
will want to purchase their Healy the same
day they register as a member, as the countdown
starts as soon as they register.

1. Send your Member Referral Link,
Log into your back office:

2. Go to ‘My Tools’ – ‘My Links’

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the
links page where you’ll find ‘Become
Member’ – this is your personal
registration link. Copy this link and
send it to your friend to sign up in
your business (see example image below).

4. Through the registration process on
the Healy website, they will be asked for their
IBAN and SWIFT bank number.
IBAN = Your BSB and Account number
e.g. BSB: 638 010 Account: 1234567
would be 6380101234567
SWIFT = This can be found on your
bank’s website.


This process may be changing as the back-office and payment process for HEALY is being upgraded.

Become Member Link

Step 5: Purchasing A Healy Pack

Once your new member has registered, they’ll need to log into their Healy back-office using their log in details
(these will also be emailed to them).

How to order and pay by Credit Card:

1. Log in to member’s account at
2. Go to Your Shop and select the Healy Pack you wish to purchase. Remember to choose a free Program
(for Gold Package). Click Add to cart.
3. Click Proceed to Checkout.
4. Scroll down to the middle of the page, Select ‘Check Now’ and then ‘Edit’ to check that all address details
have been entered correctly. Make sure state is selected and fill in Telephone details (remember to put country code) and Click Save Address.
5. Click on the pink square with the dollar value – Click Check Out.
6. Scroll to bottom of page: Choose Payment Option (if Credit Card fill in details) and Click Next.
7. Scroll down and click to proceed to payment.
You will then receive a welcome email with instructions on how to set up your Healy
device when it arrives.

How to pay via Bank Transfer

If you would like to pay via Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer; select Direct Bank / Wire transfer Healyworld Asia / Singapore. Select ‘Proceed to payment’ and follow the prompts.
Detailed instructions on how to to do this can be found in the Files section of the Facebook group:
Quantum Evolution: Creating Community & Building Abundance.

Healy Packages stacked Image

Step 6: Placing Your New Healy Member

Once your new member has registered, you will need to place them in your Binary tree.

1. Log into your back office if you aren’t already:

2. Go to ‘My Organization’ – ‘Unplaced Partners’

3. Select whether your new member will be place on the right or left leg and hit ‘Place Now’
(note: once a partner is placed , they can’t be changed).

If you’re unsure whether to place your member on the left of right leg, this short video on the 
Healy Binary Tree
might help.

Healy unplaced partners screenshot

Step 7: Supporting & Training Your New Member


Make sure you and your new Healy members are supported with the following resources and groups:

1. Healy Online Or In-Person Local Events

Healy Australia Team calls are held every Tuesday: 5pm (WA) 7pm (Melb/Syd) via ZOOM: Meeting ID: 604 634 3431 Password: 118811

2. Healy Facebook Groups

Quantum Evolution – A New Way of Being – launch group with holistic and inspiring content
Healy – The Frequency of Life – This group is for everyone especially new members to learn more about Healy.
Encourage your members to read through units 1-7.
Quantum Evolution: Creating Community & Building Abundance – For people in the business only.
A lot of the documents such as the Comp plan can be found here.
The Healy Experience – Where people can share their Healy Experiences (testimonials) in the group.

3. Healy Telegram Groups

(Telegram is a communication platform where we communicate all important updates – you can download it from the App store)

Important Healy Announcements
General team chat group/questions
Holistic Health Q&A

4. Additional Healy Resources

Healy Fast Start Promotion
Healy Flyer
Compensation Plan
Program Descriptions
♥ Healy Manual
Healy Comparison
Healy Pricelist

Additional Resources: Healy Information Video Links

For additional information and resources, the below links and videos provide amazing insight into the company and technology.

Healy Product Videos On Vimeo

Welcome to Healyhealy device and smartphone image2
Your Healy Business
Systemic, Acute and Local Healy programs

Healy Gold Cycle
Healy Program Pages

These videos are also included in your welcome email after you purchase a Healy device.

Healy Resonance Analyse App Explained By TimeWaver Academy

Healy Resonance Analyse

♥ Q&A With TimeWaver & Healy Inventor, Marcus Schmieke

Great information on the Healy Products, the Company, and the Future!

♥ Healy Q&A With Australian Leaders

Healy Australian Leaders

♥ Healy’s German Parent Company; TimeWaver

TimeWaver The Company
TimeWaver Systems

♥ Amazing Information On Frequency Therapy And Its Power

Dr. Carolyn McMakin speaking on Frequency Specific Microcurrent Treatment
Dr. Carolyn McMakin: Frequencies, the Brain & Consciousness

♥ Lead Distributor Shares How And Why Healy Is An Incredible Opportunity

The Unmatched Healy Business Opportunity!

Additional Resources: Your Healy Back Office

Your Healy back-office also has a treasure trove of great resources including marketing material and important documents.
Log into; go to ‘My Tools’ – ‘My Downloads.’

Healy Back Office Downloads page screenshot

Set-Up & Activation Of Your Healy

♥ Once you have purchased your device, you will receive an email from Healy World with instructions on how to set up your Healy Device.

♥ If you wish, you can use the same email and password used in the set up of your Healy Shop for all apps and online services.

♥ Please be sure to follow the videos and instructions to set up your Healy device and Healy App.

♥ For Healy Resonance, there are instructions in the email to set up the HealAdvisor Analyse App.

♥ This video gives you step-by-step instructions on
setting up your Healy device for the first time.



Welcome letter from Healy

Frequently Asked Questions About Healy

Why has the company chosen Social Sharing or Multi-level Marketing (MLM) as the distribution model?

The goal of the company is to get Healy into the hands of 100 million consumers and the most effective model to reach this is through MLM.
There are a couple specific reasons for this; If Doctors and Therapists were only permitted to use Healy, it would limit it’s reach.

Secondly, if Healy was left to be sold in a shop or online store, it wouldn’t be effectively demonstrated and explained to consumers.
They wouldn’t receive the full Healy experience! Therefore, MLM is the most effective model for this product as it is empowering people
to become their own healers and putting health back into the hands of the people.

Is my information safe in the Healy app? What is Healy’s privacy policy?

Healy takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. Your personal data is treated confidentially and in accordance with
the legal data regulations. The medical cloud within Healy is extremely secure and is encrypted for security purposes.
Also, when scanning people with the device, you have the option to deselect that their info gets uploaded into the medical cloud
if for whatever reason you don’t want to store a client’s info there.
Information on Data Protection and the Privacy Policy can be found within the Healy apps.

I have concerns about EMF radiation and bluetooth wireless connections needed to use the device. Can you explain how that works?

The Healy only needs to use Bluetooth for max 15-20 seconds to upload the specific frequency program from the app to the
Healy device. After that the Bluetooth or phone can be switched off and the frequencies can be received without the app.
The body can easily combat Bluetooth in small doses i.e. 15-20 seconds – the problem is when it’s always on around the body.
The Healy has several specific ‘Protection Frequency’ programs for radiation, electromagnetic smog etc. already in the app.
The Protection Frequency programs protect within a 0.5m radius of radiation.

Can I connect the Healy device to multiple phones if family members of friends also want to use the device?

Yes, you can set up the Healy apps on multiple phones. For the Healy App, it’s relatively straightforward
(follow same process as when you set it up on your own phone). In order to set up the Healy Analyse app on multiple
phones, you must have the Master Key. So, it’s really important to save the Master Key somewhere safe when setting
up your Healy Analyse app i.e. in your notes and/or email it to yourself.

Can Healy support with healing the root cause of an issue / symptom?

The Aura Analysis scan can support in addressing underlying emotional themes and also help to provide awareness to allow
us to go to the root cause and solve it. For example, if you’re experiencing physical pain in the stomach or digestive issues,
the Aura Analysis might bring up imbalances in your Solar Plexus related to power and control, self-esteem,
difficulty in setting boundaries etc. The specific frequency programs related to each chakra can bring the emotional energy
back into balance and through awareness, we can also make necessary changes in our life.

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